COMPANY is a Russian company, which supplies a wide range of pharmaceutical and medicinal products for the markets of near-abroad and far-abroad countries. The geography of our export supplies covers Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. 


The Company:


  • is among the leaders in export of pharmaceutical products of the Russian manufacturers;


  • supplies a wide range of medicinal products, medical appliances, dietary supplements, dietetic food, parapharmaceutical products, children products,  rehabilitation equipment, etc.;


  • has been working on the market since 1996, the Company’s products are available in 17 countries of the world. 


The Company has 40 highly-qualified employees, prepared to solve your tasks. We are glad to meet you in the modern office with an area of 1000 sq.m., located in the center of Nizhny Novgorod. We have a logistics complex with an area of over 1200 sq.m., with access ways for both railroad and automobile transport. For convenience of our clients, we have a network of warehouses for temporary storage on the territory of countries of the buyers.

The Company “” is a reliable partner for all clients.

We are ready to provide a full range of services in foreign economic activities for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, we are ready to register and adapt the exported products in compliance with the requirements of the controlling authorities of recipient countries. We have a great experience in promotion of medicinal products in the countries of the CIS and European Union by reference to special national laws and specific sales character in different regions.

Our Company is characterized by a high level of logistics and smart business policy. The terms of work are flexible and dynamic. The Company works with the leading distributors in the pharmaceutical market of the countries of the CIS and EU, however, it is open to cooperation with different companies, to modern solutions and challenging ideas. We serve the interests of our partners.


Office of company

       Warehousing Facility